I May, I May not

Not quite the words of the immortal Bard, but close enough for the Composer to misquote the famous ‘to be or not…’. Bluntly speaking ‘I may or I may not’ sums up the past month as the season turns into a maelstrom of bookings, requests, offers and questions.  But the one question which is guaranteed to get The Composers hackles up is the ‘In or Out’.  Alongside that is the second question ‘will you or won’t you vote’.  The answerer to all is ‘I may/may not’! It’s a little friendlier than saying ‘mind you own business’!!

On the question of in/out, The Composer is more interested in watching INcoming and OUTgoing guests – they are far more interesting than bickering politicians!!  Answering their many questions is also a pleasurable task. Where to eat, where to visit, where to travel to, what to do – all totally easily answered and with longer nights the distances of travel grow as do evening eating out venues.

May, as a month, has passed in a bedazzling array of events, visits, guests, travel and adventure. The Composer and Mrs C also took  a few days out to visit their favoured region of France for a few days R&R, coupled with the odd glass of the regions finest and some delicious food!  And for once, The Composers and Mrs became ‘guests’ rather than ‘hosts’.  Wow – it’s not easy sitting on the other side of the fence!!

How important are star ratings in the UK?  The answer is ‘VERY’. Tempting pictures and descriptions for many European properties (all un-rated by any agency except the odd Trip Advisor review) leave a lot to be desired. The UK rating system assures guests of certain standards and expectations associated with star status.  The European model is far more lax – and does not always reflect an accurate ‘picture’ of a property or service. Thankfully, The Composers were well happy – but looking around the region, it was evident that some will not be!   No question for ‘Composers at Woodlands’  – we remain committed to annual inspection and the hoped reward of 5 star accreditation as a sign of assured quality and standards for all our guests.

So, The Composer sits in the office gazing out on to the properties today, aware that tomorrow we enter June and more new visiting guests to Composers and (hopefully) more adventures for us all.  I may or I may not?  No!! The Composer will definitely be back in a month with more blog notes, more stories and more news.  Please visit again and see what’s happened in June at Berwick’s 5 star gold award holiday properties!