Abundance of April

The Composer is a great believer in ‘abundance’, as long as it comes in small, manageable packages!  April brought an abundance of many things.  Guests, visitors, friends, work (more than abundance) and a few moments off duty (hardly abundance!).

So how do you balance between ‘hardly enough’ and ‘too much’ to arrive at ‘abundance’ – which is assumed to be ‘enough’?  The Composer hasn’t a clue!!  Anyone with the answer is welcome to email The Composer and explain.  The whole month has been a balancing act between the extremes.  Easter cascaded into April like a nonstop waterfall and guests descended on Composers.  Sadly in the early part of the month there was another cascade – the rainy weather.  We always feel it’s OUR responsibility to deliver the accommodation, the best places to visit, the nicest destinations to eat and…..superb weather.  We can do all but the last!

Balancing ‘enough’ leads to a micro management system which The Composer conducts every day as guests ask questions. What can we do with a 2yr old (and parents) on a wet day?  How far will we have to go to find the best Museum? Where is the nearest culinary dining experience and can we get a taxi so we can drink and not be ‘over the limit’?  And finally, if we book for later in the year can you guarantee good weather?

Northumberland offers an abundance of attractions, beaches, child friendly venues, superb eating places and is a county of great diversity. BBC Countryfile featured Berwick & North Northumberland on Sunday 10th April and the latest BBC series with Robson Green covers the entire county week by week showing off the abundance of places and locations which make the county so special.

There is NOT an abundance of roads – just enough!  We are lucky to have the A1 bestriding the county from North to South, which flows into a myriad number of ‘B’ and ‘C’ roads leading into quiet and unspoilt countryside, coastline and the National Park.

So if you like a little or a lot, if you prefer abundance in manageable parcels then Northumberland in ANY month is the answer to your prayers.  Oh and while you are praying, can you put a mention in for continued good weather………….in abundance?  Thank you!