Mists and being missed

The Composer missed it.  Missed what? Most of the mellow mists and fruitfulness of Autumn!  Well it seems like that.  To be honest, it seemed to have slipped in and out while the Composer and Mrs Composer were taking much needed R&R.

At the beginning of October, after frantic few weeks and weekends of work, the two headed off. Before departure, a raft of ‘jobs’ needed doing.  Planning was essential and in all the planning came a cry from the grass “CUT ME!”  Oh, come on, it’s October for goodness sake, surely we’ve finished that task!!  Not a chance.

The grass had grown, even since the last September cut.  Normally we ‘mulch’, returning the grass, finely shredded, into the ground to improve the growing and nurturing process and cut only at the beginning and end of the ‘season’.  The process is working too well.  So there he is. The Composer astride his trusty sit-on mower, merrily charging around the grounds and verges giving them all a (supposed) final cut for the season. After all, it’s Autumn and we will be winding down!  Not a chance!

The Composer & Mrs C disappeared on 6th October to warmer climes and returned on the 27th to a picture of peace, tranquillity (our service teams had done a sterling job in the absence the boss!) and even a warm (ish!!) day. BUT what happened to the grass. What happened to the mists and mellow stuff?

According to staff, while the Composer was basking in 30°C, even the North East of England was managing reasonable temperatures, dry days and pleasant evenings.  The odd rain shower was followed by warm sun.  No wonder the green stuff had grown.  And the mellow mists and autumnal season seemed to have happened all too quickly and the ground was thick with leaves all needing to be cleared up.  The Composer had definitely missed that job off his list!

Five days after being back, the sit-on has been out again, the leaf blower has been in action and The Composer has been hard at work, though quietly wishing he was 4000+miles away, sunning himself in 30°C!  (He wouldn’t be missed at ‘Composers’ thanks to a great team who look after guests and properties).  Maybe the sit-on would miss him!  One thing we won’t miss is a REALLY special event on 7th November – if you want to know what it is, don’t miss out on our next Blog – see you then.