November – a month to celebrate

The Composer is on top of the world! He’s been celebrating all month. Well, following the usual fireworks, the month has sparkled non stop with celebrations.

It started after Guy Fawkes had become a mere ember on his own bonfire with the arrival of guests to ‘Composers’.  Not such an auspicious occasion? Welcoming guests, week in – week out, is what ‘Composers’ is all about.  But these guests were special.  They came and celebrated their 100th night of stays with us, since we opened and records began!

The Composer and Mrs C were delighted to share an evening with the special guests, celebrating the occasion at The Queens Head Hotel Restaurant in Berwick.  Owner Gary, and his team, excelled – marking the special evening with fine dining which ticked all the boxes.  What a way to celebrate!

The 14-15 Nov was special,too, as Composers joined with friends at the No 4 Gallery in Coldingham to  celebrate their “Winter Collection” art event.  Guests in 2016 to ‘Composers’ will see new pieces of pottery and small art objects in the various properties, purchased at the event.

Then came the celebration The Composer and Mrs C had been waiting for……a wedding celebration and a honeymoon couple staying in the Vivaldi property.  Not such a special event, you may think, as honeymoon couples do enjoy ‘Composers’ regularly  – but this couple were really special!  The Bride was someone Mr & Mrs Composer have known for many years. Without naming names or reminding her just HOW MANY YEARS, may we add our good wishes to them both and hope that Northumberland will be fondly remembered as their happy honeymoon destination.

The last celebration will hang over into December, as Composers welcomes its new ‘neighbours’.  Over the past months, the holiday properties have played host to contractors, shop fitters, designers and planners all working to convert the previous clothing and outdoor outlet store a short walk from Composers.  It’s our nearest neighbour (apart from one other) and so we welcome Go Outdoors to Scremerston and their latest store opening scheduled for early December.  They open just after this blog appears so more news of them and us next month when we really will have had huge celebrations – its Christmas again.  Another month to CELEBRATE!