No it isn’t!

No, it isn’t what?  Well first of all, it is not autumn and it’s not time to put the clocks back and finally……it’s not time to hibernate until next year.

The Composer could not believe his ears.  1st September BBC news declares ‘its officially autumn’.  Well it may be to weather folk bundling the year into nice equal packages with Sept-Oct-Nov as the ‘autumn’ package, after which (The Composer assumes) we have Winter, starting on December 1st.  It may have escaped the attention of such erudite people that we here in ‘the North’ are still wearing our summer clothes, shorts and all, and are having a wonderful time enjoying SUMMER sun and SUMMER weather!

The Facebook page for ‘Composers’ has received an unusual amount of attention recently including people reminding us to put the clocks back in September!  Hang on – even we ‘up North’ know that clocks change in October so where has this aberration of time watching come from? It’s our colleagues in other parts of the world who (sadly) have to change their clocks now  – not us!

Rant Over!  We are normal, happy, people in Northumberland, basking in the sun, watching the harvesting in full swing and anticipating an eventful September with the Berwick Food Festival (4-6), the Honda Goldwing parade (18-19), and the Berwick Film and Media Festival (23-27) to name but three events.  So, no, it isn’t time to close down, shut up and hibernate.

It is, however, time to say a sad ‘goodbye’ to the many guests we have welcomed over the school holiday weeks.  A special ‘goodbye’ to the young people who have made every day such a pleasure as they call into the Office Reception to tell us about their adventures.  And what a lot they have done! Castle visits, Farne Island boat trips, kayaking in the sea, climbing the Cheviots, lazy beach days and busy days in Edinburgh visiting the town, the Fringe and the Tattoo.  We will miss their lively and excited chatter – at least until half term!!

It isn’t over, finished or ended in Northumberland.  The season is longer than ever and we, at Composers, look forward to welcoming guests in the coming months – we are very much open for business.  Visit Northumberland and see why!