Holiday Mode

What is ‘Holiday Mode’?

The Composer just loves these months. The ‘summer’ is with us and Holiday Mode has arrived.

It’s the time to shake off the 9-5 grind or the daily round of work, whatever that may be, and really R E L A X.  Here at ‘Composers’ we invite everyone to enjoy the best that we, Northumberland and the Borders can offer.  Holiday Mode also gives The Composer a perfect excuse for donning his favourite shorts and T shirt – and why not?

So, is Holiday Mode just a change of clothing? Or is it more?  Holiday Mode often gives everyone an opportunity to do what they NEVER do at home!!  Tales of daring adventures into the rock pools of our favourite beach yields all manner of wonderful objects while fun filled days trying to teach Mum how to play crazy golf causes much laughter as everyone recalls her ‘rubbish putting’.  Boat trips to the Farne Islands and journeys across to Holy Island provide regular tales often recounted by excited youngsters pointing out how the sea “came in behind us” as they crossed to the island.  Adults view this with passing interest – being a knowledgeable island race we know all about tides and times(!) – but to young minds it is an awesome sight.

Holiday Mode brings out the very best in us all – no matter what age – as we indulge in activities and all manner of minor adventures which will fill the drear nights of winter as incidents are recalled, extending the Holiday Mode from just the actual days into long and happy memories which last weeks and months.

A change of clothes, places to see and visit, an opportunity to try new foods and enjoy the land and seascape of Northumberland provides a wonderful Holiday Mode mix. No doubt the next weeks will continue to be filled with excited chatter, relaxing moments and fun filled hours which guests are happy to share with The Composer.  In fact, even The Composer will start to think of his own Holiday Mode – though it won’t be for a few months yet!  Ah well, with the right clothes, weather and the pleasure of holiday guests, ‘Holiday Mode’ is an everyday occurrence at ‘Composers’. How good it that?