Flamin’ June

It arrived in the nick of time to qualify for its title – Flamin’ June!  The Composers was resigned to a….. ‘warm and dry’, ‘slightly above average for the time of year’ or even a ‘slightly changeable’ weather forecast from the BBC weather people or the visual personification via the BBC weather ‘App’ – where owners of techno gadgets can merrily check the weather at any time of day or night by a tap on the screen.

Flamin’ June arrived with little fuss over Northumberland apart from the TV crew who eulogised at the ‘glorious weather’ which made shooting Robson Green’s latest adventures in our county, even more dramatic’.  Sorry, guys, we have weather like this more than once a year – it’s just that you are not here to see it – and we are!!

OK now for the whinge!  I get flamin’ cross at TV weather forecasters  who wave their hands over the UK, managing to identify London, the South East, Wales, the West and Northern Ireland without too much difficulty – their hands wafting on the imaginary map with reasonable accuracy.  Then come ‘the North’ and a vague wave of the same hand covers an area from Manchester to the Outer Hebrides with the odd passing remark which sets Scotland apart.  Maybe you feel the same about your town/county/region when the generalisation does not match the reality.

The Composer has a passion for the Floridian lifestyle, enhanced by Klystron 9.  So “what is that?” you ask.  Its 3 weather satellites hovering over the Gulf Coast of Florida, and owned by one a Tampa based TV/Radio network.  Such is the accuracy of the system that it gives hour by hour casts, limited to around 30 miles parameters.  So you know when it says rain between 9-10am in ‘the Bay area’ that is exactly what you get. Flamin’ heck!! What would that be like in the UK?  Such accuracy would be a flamin’ miracle.

Anyway, back to reality and The Composer confesses to penning this Blog, sitting out on his favourite lawn at Woodlands, watching guests come and go, the gardener merrily pruning, clipping and trimming whilst The Composer basks in the Flamin’ June weather. (technically he’s still working!) Tomorrow is July – let’s hope it’s still flamin’ as new guest check in over the coming weeks and months.