May – be, May – be not

Given the amount of to-ing and fro-ing we’ve seen over the past weeks and the countless ‘may-be’ and ‘may-be not’ answers from politicians as we are directed towards the Polling Booths, will you forgive ‘The Composer’ from feeling just a bit tired of the whole business of ‘making your mind up’ (Eurovision comments are now excluded – that’s another maybe, maybe not story!).

The month of May seems to have been peppered with decision making including Mrs Composer heading off for NHS surgical treatment in far flung Salisbury (well it is ‘far flung’ if you happen to be ‘The Composer’ in Berwick upon Tweed). After 14 weeks and 3 cancelled surgical dates I am delighted to report that all is now well. All the to-ing and fro-ing has taken its’ toll in air miles and gallons of fuel not to mention the maybe-maybe not surgery dates which were ‘not’s on 3 occasions!

All this melancholy is not good for our blog. The guests of Composers do NOT find it difficult to make up their minds. With Easter in late April and 2 Bank Holiday weekends plus school vacations we have been delighted at the ‘YES’ vote for ‘holidays in Northumberland’ and it promises to carry on as a massive YES, as Berwick celebrates 900 years of history – and everyone’s invited.

In truth, Berwick has been a maybe-maybe not town quite a lot. In fact, it has changed hands between England and Scotland 16 times – and it’s been a garrison town from the middle ages right up to the mid-20th century. June, July and August are packed with events and event days – all to be found in detail at – so maybe that’s the place to visit after booking in to Composers for a summer break.

Elections, Eurovision and all manner of other events are now passed but summer in Northumberland is now very much a definite maybe and promises to be with us even as ‘The Composer’ types this blog! Weather-wise we have escaped all manner of bad weather except for 2 days of a very strong wind which has battered the fruits canes so we hold our breath to see how the raspberries and blackcurrants will survive with the wind and a lack of rain which has made the ground very dry. Maybe it’s time to ‘blog -off’ and find the hose pipe and water the grounds so that our guests can fill their containers with luscious berries during their visit. See you soon………may-be??