Overture to opening

Well, by the time you read this, The Composer & Mrs C will either be ready or will have flung wide the gates to welcome guests back to Composers at Woodlands, the overture to a new start and a welcome return to business.

So this post, written on the final days of June, follows the Governments update which allowed self-catering businesses to try and recover, and welcome holiday guests for the remainder of 2020.

The Composer has watched with care and interest as England has begun to lift lockdown measures, witnessed national and international events with cataclysmic repercussions and watched hoards of people go shopping or celebrate other momentous occasions.

Nearer to home, Composers at Woodlands has had yet another slice of makeovers in the form of new, larger TV’s for the lounge. Oh, calm yourselves down!  You’d think we had got John Logi Baird to install them!  Actually, it was Jason!  He arrived with all the gear and set about making the transformation.  First install new TV’s, set up and tune to new aerial and then add new blu-ray DVD players and other techno wizardry to give us sparkling 1080 HD with numerous channels, including complimentary ‘Netflix’ for our guests.

Of course, the question then is, ‘what to do with the redundant sets’?  Answer – reinstall them in the master bedroom so that guests can now  use the shopping channels from their bed at 2am in the morning to buy all manner of ‘useful’ items they never knew they needed! Ah well, whatever floats your holiday boat.

Next in was our plumber.  Having tried out the new more powerful Mira shower with ‘air boost’ in one property just ahead of lockdown, we have now installed the same in every property bathroom.  Finally, our ‘back to work’ electrician tested all our equipment, inspected all plugs and sockets, checked the distribution boards and pronounced us SAFE, until this time in 2022. 

So there you have it. July is about to burst on us and The Composer & Mrs C are ready – at last – to welcome our guests in a slightly unusual manner, bearing in mind our sanitised status and remote welcome….which is none the less as warm as ever.  We hope to see you all, at last, returning to your holiday accommodation and enjoying the beauty, culture and attractions which make up Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, assuming you can cross the Border without restriction! If you can’t, then there is plenty to see and do in our fabulous county and enjoy the staycation everyone deserves in 2020.