Les Mis? Non – Les Content!

One day more (Les Mis!) Well, The Composer is merrily singing not just ‘one day more’ its now ‘one MONTH more’. Of course, he’s singing it in his head as he can’t sing out loud!!  Yes, 28 days have elapsed since Composers at Woodlands came out of lockdown and welcomed Guests once more.  And what a month its been!

When the announcement came that s/catering could re-open on 4th July, The Composer and Mrs C were well ahead of the PM’s announcement, as were the Composer’s Service Staff!! 3 weeks of intensive training and rehearsal (and copious quantities of PPE tried and tested) and we heralded the new regime. Each Composer property enjoyed (yet another) final clean, and we held our breath.  Saturday 4th July dawned and life (but not as we know it) re-commenced with a degree of trepidation.

Thankfully, new and past Guests have, in the past 4 weeks, been understanding of our ‘remote welcome’, our ‘at a distance service & hospitality’ and our ‘please follow the instructions’ requests.  So far, so good! 

Our brave (new?) world seems to be working. Comments from Guests suggest we have ‘got it right’ and their confidence level is high knowing their Composer property has been carefully prepared to the high standard which the Visit England “We’re Good To Go” compliance offers.  

The county is recovering, but it is a slow and fractured process. The need to pre-book certain attractions is working, the hotels, restaurants and cafes are gradually finding their feet while shops, stores and shoppers are abiding by the ‘wear a mask’ rule.  Of course, the beaches are as gloriously open (mask free!) and provide acres of space (per person!!) to enjoy the coast.  The hills and valleys, National Park and rural walks are equally welcoming and spacious.  In fact, why would anyone risk a European destination, and the complications that may bring, when you have all this on your doorstep?

Come and sing (but only in your head!!) and share in the beauty of North Northumberland! Come, not for ‘one day more’, but try a week of our hospitality!! You know it makes sense!