Thank you, kind Guests

As August ends, The Composer, Mrs C and the staff say a massive THANK YOU to all our Guests! Thanks for staying with us, thanks for enjoying Northumberland, thanks for visiting our local attractions and tourist destinations and for being UTTERLY BRILLIANT!

Let’s face it – the staycation holiday is the better way to avoid the vagaries of foreign travel and the desperate scramble to get back when restrictions are applied, but it still comes with some demands and constraints.  Arrival and departure times have changed, the way we meet and greet has altered and Guests have excelled in being vigilant in their social distancing and sanitising. They have all been amazing and thoughtful in their efforts to safeguard everyone around them and, finally, Guests have taken all our requests to heart and never complained once!  They have even returned the towels that turned up in the luggage they unpacked when they returned home!!  Oh, don’t ask – it happens, and we can but laugh!!

The Composer also extends thanks to everyone in and around Berwick and North Northumberland who have made Guests and visitors so welcome.  It’s been difficult for many as they started to re-open businesses, but the smile on the faces of our Guests says it all.  Being in the UK is no bad thing – especially when you are discovering Northumberland for the first time!  Returning Guests (who have stayed with us for many years) sum it up quite simply.  They say “what’s not to like? It has everything we need – and there is always space and time to enjoy it”. 

Special mention must go to various local shops and eateries for their Vegan and Gluten Free menus – certainly hit the spot with some of our Guests who really did feel at home!

So, The Composer and Mrs C (and staff) continue to stick to the demanding cleaning and maintenance schedule, keeping Guests safe and well, during their stay.  The staycation is here to stay for 2020 and availability (as this Blog is prepared) is scarce until mid-October.  By then, of course, The Composer and team will be planning the Christmas and New Year schedule – lets hope we can all enjoy it! Oh yes, and now the 2021 calendar is available and filling already! Thank you, EVERYONE!