All S & S

The Composer and Mrs C are truly S & S – Sanitised and Satisfied.  

How else can we describe the 28 days since the previous blog? Come to a Composer property and you could eat your dinner (or any other meal or snack!) off the floor, the walls, the bathroom tiles and even the patio windows – though it’s tricky stopping food sliding down the windows, we guess!!

The continuous round of cleaning, sanitising, double checking and then doing it all again has become part of daily life.  Our staff have put in herculean shifts every week to ensure guest safety and, boy oh boy, have guests responded! Some of the most heart-warming comments, you could wish for, have filled our email and letter box. 

Best of all, we have enjoyed the ‘socially distanced company’ of the nicest guests possible. At such a difficult time, when rules and regulations invade every inch of life, our guests have responded with the biggest smiles, the most co-operate support and the nicest comments.

Now we move into the Autumn and Winter season and bookings are increasing – we wonder who may be joining us for Christmas and New Year to celebrate, despite the circumstances. Guests see little point in the exodus to foreign parts for 2021 and, those with an eye to the future, have booked their 2021 holiday with us already!

The Composer and Mrs C will just have to get even more PPE and cleaning products in stock to ensure sanitising remains a top priority in the cleaning process so that we, our staff and our guests can be satisfied with a job, well done! All S & S.

These are difficult days for so many people. Take care and stay safe – we’ll see you soon, we hope!