The Composer is taking stock – ably assisted by Mrs C.  As October slides into ‘the past’, it’s time to look to the future – well, the remainder of 2019 and the whole of 2020. The idea that ‘Composers’ is a seasonal holiday business dissolved years ago when it become obvious that guests actually wanted to stay ALL year round!

Northumberland has no ‘closed season’. Thanks to wonderful scenery, a mind blowing coastline and mesmerising countryside there is always ‘somewhere to go’ and, with clement weather, (no floods and gales here so far this year!) getting out and about is pleasant and refreshing.

In taking stock, The Composers are quickly clearing up after the 4 weeks of ‘half term’ and getting ready to welcome those taking a relaxing late break. Why 4 weeks for ½ term? Sitting on the border ‘Composers at Woodlands’ welcomes guests throughout all of October as schools in England and Scotland take differing break dates.  It all makes for a busy month. 

Taking stock also means preparing properties with their ‘winter apparel’ where winter duvets take over from the summer/autumn range and the Guest

‘Welcome Pack’ changes.  Out goes the fresh baked sweet scones and in comes the homemade soups and winter ‘goodies’ – making sure our ‘welcome’ fits the season and the changing year.

Taking stock has The Composer completing the 2020 calendar of events, the tariff and rates charts and the final decisions about the Christmas and New Year details for 2020/2021!  Wow, and that’s before we even think about this year’s Firework Shows, General Elections, the ‘B’ word and Christmas! 

Taking stock really does focus the mind – and the imagination.