Warm & Toasty!

The Winter Blog finds The Composer inside his office, all warm and toasty, as the weather outside starts to look a little cooler! As we worked our way through November, we were aware that certain parts of the UK were being battered by storms, high winds and huge rises in water levels.

Guests continued to come and go throughout the month of November, arriving with slightly bemused expressions to find a rather clement weather pattern hovering over ‘Composers’.   Ideal for days out and the opportunity to walk many of the coastal paths enjoying the sights and sounds of the county.

In December, The Composer and Mrs C’s thoughts turned to matters ‘festive’.  With a mild start to the month it was difficult to become full of ‘Ho Ho Ho’, while still not needing winter coats, scarves, gloves and thick wool hats! It was also the moment to finish off plans for the 2020 season, setting up various promotions and offers whilst keeping a long range weather eye to work out what will suit each season.

Thankfully, the traditional Christmas Market and events calendar in Edinburgh is in full swing as this blog is created and it doesn’t take too much persuasion to find The Composer forsake the warmth of the office desk for the vibrant Scotland’s Capital.  A mere 50 minutes by car (and even less by train!) means that a visit is never far away and The Composer and Mrs C have enjoyed yet more visits to Edinburgh, shopping, eating or simply enjoying the markets which cover large parts of the city.

So we move into the heart of Christmas.  This is the ideal moment to wish all our guests, readers of this blog and those involved in ‘Composers’.

A Very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year

Our next Blog will herald the month of February with news of promotions in March and exciting news about our Easter plans. In the meantime, stay warm and toasty and enjoy this special season of the year!  See you in 2020.