The truth, the whole truth….

The truth and the reality! The Composer has spent the last weeks and months listening to and watching many programmes – just like everyone else!  No need to mention what the subject was, so – as this is a Blog about life in a small corner of the UK – modesty prevents mentioning it again.  But……it does get your wondering about accountability.

So, where to begin? Well, after an exhausting season, Composers has slowed down a little, and with Christmas and New Year behind us we are delighted at 2020 bookings flying in from all corners of the world.  It’ll be a busy couple of months as we carry out our major spring clean in between guests using the properties – once upon a time you could guarantee that January would be ‘quiet’ – not any more!! Anyway, the spring clean WILL get done thanks to our wonderful service team and we will be ready for February half term guests. But, how do guests find us? These days it’s usually through the ‘net or a media accommodation publication.

When you read something or see it as a picture you expect it to be truthful. The written word can now be manipulated to be altered and pictures receive the ‘air brush’ treatment so that a rainy day in Wigan looks like a a sub tropical paradise in Wai-Kiki  (thats a beach in Hawaii!!) Having been to both I apologise to Wigan for suggesting it looks as washed out as Wai Kiki!!

But when it comes to telling the truth, sometimes, the reality can often not what it seems.  Take pictures for holiday accommodation. This is where The Composer confesses to writing this Blog some 1800miles away from ‘Composers at Woodlands’. Sitting on a balcony watching yet another amazing sunset. Typing this Blog is certainly tough! However, being honest, The Composer is a little surprised that the villa balcony and the pictures of it on the owners web site along with the accompanying description are (shall we say) a little different.

The Composer and Mrs C are now more aware than ever that words and pictures do not always tell the truth!! BUT – one thing we can say, is that ‘what you see is what you get’ at Composers! Our pictures are up to date and the written word tells the truth, the whole …..oh, you know the rest! Any guest who arrives and can show us we have deviated is welcome to point out the change – we doubt they will find one!!

The Composer hopes that guests at ANY holiday property, ANYWHERE in the world, find the pictures and words on web sites and media pages live up to scrutiny. It’s what a guest deserves. May your 2020 vacation live up to expectations – oh, and may the sun shine, too!!