Where to begin?

After an absence of too many months The Composer & Mrs C are back!  It goes without saying that they are glad to be back after the stop-start seasons and events of the past months. After the Blog of October 2020 it would have been hard to imagine, having coped with events that closed and opened ‘Composers’ with alarming regularity through the early part of that year, that it would be 6 months before the Composers Blog would return – and with good news!

To begin, lets reflect on the past months and hope that the vaccine, now in circulation, will bring about the changes needed so that we, like so many other businesses, can safely open for good and in line with the various ‘start’ dates which are proposed.

One lesson The Composer and Mrs C have learned in the past year is that kindness, caring and concern are the three elements which have helped us all get through weeks and months of isolation, stress and anxiety.   It’s also the key to re-opening and key to the way we will continue to welcome Guests.

Kindness – that Guests have returned in great numbers booking their holiday break with us, for which we thank them.

Caring – reflecting our aim as quality accommodation providers and something we have always taken pride in, since the day we opened.

Concern – as always, that Guests have the BEST possible time at ‘Composers’, enjoying the BEST of Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

That one important lesson, helps us open up again and continue to ensure ‘Composers at Woodlands’ remains the BEST place to stay!  We look forward to seeing our Guests soon!  That’s when we will truly ‘begin’.