Ahead of the end

Is it possible to be ‘ahead of the end’?  That phrase joins others like being ‘150% sure’ or ‘arriving before you set off’ or saying ‘I’m 100% convinced, I think’! They are all impossible statements. So, how to be ahead of the end, is that impossible to?

The Composer often has to visualise the end of an event before it’s even started – organising, planning and envisaging what the finale will look like. Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS page to see how much planning has gone into planning events in APRIL all ready!  Plans are already made for Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 – wow, that’s scary!

So, anyway, where did January go? Penning the blog on the last day of the month is normal, but this day seems to have arrived far quicker than other month ends. No time for ‘January Blues’ at Composers. The New Year brings new challenges and opportunities.

One member of service staff joined us mid way through last year and hadn’t experienced the deep clean!  She has now!  Thankfully, she has coped. The other challenge was anticipating what the weather may bring in January to impede our cleaning programme and apart from one day when we had snow – OK so it was less than 1mm deep(!!) – we decided that our spring clean was (in our eyes) in SPRING!  Yes, we know, it’s not really spring but dry, fine days with blue skies have certainly helped.

Being ahead of the end means that, as this Blog ends, we enter February all dusted, polished, cleaned and ready for our guests.  Next month with ‘inside’ work completed we plan our schedule for work in the grounds (our Gardener needed to hibernate a bit in January!!) and by March we’ll, no doubt, be grass cutting and pruning alongside planting and nurturing.

Are we ahead of the end?  The Composer is happy to keep up with the middle – the end is some way off – there’s always something more to do!