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Be our Valentine, sweet and tasty – all year round

By Martin Colam | 3 February, 2014

The Composer is a softy at heart – a person who believes in love, goodwill, kindness and caring (OK, so that enough self aggrandisement!) but come on, people, who doesn’t like a bit of Valentine LOVE? Guests of ‘Composers’ obviously do. Half term holidays and Valentines Day neatly collided this year and guests helped us…

Sick and tired, happy and rejuvenated, all in one month

By Martin Colam | 3 January, 2014

Remember David Cassidy? You do? Your age is showing! This was the opening lines to a song by him way back in 19……..well, never mind when, just be thankful your memory is that good! In the song he sings that January is the month which made him sad and miserable. Looking at our friends, neighbours,…

Hello, Goodbye, Hello!

By Martin Colam | 27 December, 2013

A month of meeting, greeting, departing and more greeting. When you think the season of holidaymaking has gone to sleep, Christmas and New Year appear to remind all accommodation providers that a 12 month a year business is exactly that! Gone are the warm evenings sat on the patio or wandering the beaches and in…

Away With The Myth

By Martin Colam | 27 November, 2013

Here’s a myth – “all accommodation providers hibernate in November, reappearing around March of the following year!” Not true! Some may do that but for others, its business as usual. The Composer and Mrs. Composer have managed their holiday and are now quietly planning the next year of activities, well aware that 2013 has not…

Just Get The Job Done

By Martin Colam | 27 October, 2013

Once September disappears, the list of jobs grows – the anticipation of autumn and all that it may bring, hasten the mind to make lists of ‘jobs’. You get them in any household so just think how the jobs grow in your home, then multiply them by 4, add a bit and then a bit…