What happened?

Well, how time flies when you are having fun! Our monthly Blog has suddenly lost February!  What happened? Well, we were having such fun we simply missed it – a bit like the March eclipse!! Yes, what happened there? Another momentous event which happened (or did it?) but was so slight in Berwick that between 2 phone calls and a booking confirmation the whole event arrived and went with little suggestion is EVER happened.

So here we are, all poised to hit April and thankfully we’ve stopped having fun (!!) and got back down to earth, duly filing our March Blog, realising that we seem to have been in a time warp over the past 2 months.  February was filled with even more cleaning than normal, a round of guests for half term, some early season holiday makers shaking off their winter hibernation and the ‘weather warp’ which stopped us from seeing the slightest vestige of snow!!  We saw pictures and heard tales of folk near and far as snow seemed to cover everything, but for some reason it did NOT happen in Berwick.  The Composer even got the sit-on mower ready for action (but dodged the need).  So thats what happened to February.

March dawned with continual media reminders to rush out and buy ‘special’ glasses to watch the eclipse.  March also saw ‘Composers’ spruced up with the first serious attempts at gardening and cleaning up the grounds.  To be honest, you can see the results of the clean up but we don’t have a single picture of the eclipse over ‘Composers at Woodlands’ – it seemed to pass us by.  We just don’t know what happened! The Composer is well versed in stage and event management –  here’s hoping whoever organised this year’s eclipse does a better job NEXT YEAR!!

So what happened to February and March? Not a lot by the look of it.  We are now poised and ready to greet April. What happens next? EASTER EGGS!!  Oh yes, and a lot more.  Anyone want to buy a pair of unused solar eclipse glasses?!