The January ‘Blues’?

Blue is the colour – go on, sing the song! Better still – DON’T!  Those of a certain age, and with an interest in football, will no doubt remember the lyrics for the first 2 lines of the song if nothing else.  But for us in Northumberland, the month of January has given us the ‘blues’.  Not that we are sad – far from it.  Despite the weather predictions and misery spread by the weather forecasting media we seem to have escaped the worst of the storms although we have had ‘wind’ (no sniggering, please!). Clear blue skies have dotted our month on many days and, if you could avoid the chilly winds, even a brisk walk on the beach was not out of the question.  The Composer is NOT prone to making rash resolutions which end up in the ‘not done bin’ but the idea of getting out when its quiet around the properties DOES have an appeal.  So the New Year ‘suggestion’ (not resolution) is to get out and enjoy some of the area which we continually tell our guests to see!  Its a case of practicing what you preach.

January also brings the ‘blues’ out for the staff – though secretly they enjoy them!  It’s that time of year when we give our properties the ‘extra special clean’.  Yes, it’s not exactly exciting but it’s a rare opportunity to make sure we have cleaned, polished, painted, decorated, renewed, refurbished and generally ‘fettled’ (what a great word?!) each Composer cottage ready for guests visiting us throughout the year. So here we are at the end of January and WE ARE READY!

So we have now banished the blues – the sky is still clear and we are looking forward to welcoming new and returning guests.  We’ve got most colours you could ask for! If you want ‘BLUE’, then we recommend our Bernstein cottage, but after that, soft pastels in Elgar and Vivaldi with a vibrant red in Chopin add up to a whole canopy of shades to suit all tastes.  Blue is just ONE of the colours – you choose the rest!