Ho Ho Ho – soon be summer!

‘Tis the season to be merry, or is it jolly?  Whatever version of ‘Deck the Halls…..’ you follow, the line about being merry or jolly suggests it’s the only season to be ‘festive’!  “Far from it”, says The Composer.  Festive cheer is not limited to a moment in December.  We think ‘Composers’ offers cheer 24/7/365 in Spring, Summer and Autumn as well as Winter.  Well 24/7/363 to be exact, as The Composer and Mrs C do not actually welcome guests Christmas Day or Boxing Day.  Come to think of it, the same goes for New Years Day so we are down to 24/7/362!!  Don’t mention Leap Years – it complicates the mathematics!!

With 362 days of cheery ‘guest greeting’ we enjoy welcoming guests – whatever the season.  The ‘cheery’ meet and greet is important to us – as is the sad goodbye. We really do miss guests when they leave – honestly! There’s no red cloak, no bushy beard and no reindeer most of the year  (actually that’s not true as we will explain shortly!!) but the cheery welcome is always there.  As this Blog is written 2014 is not quite over, as guests have stayed with us throughout November enjoying a late break – giving us even more ‘meeting and greeting’.

So, to explain about the reindeer! As November ends we disappear into the office loft to retrieve all manner of Christmas decorations and lights which includes 6 reindeer (who have been hibernating), so they can take their place in the copse ready to welcome seasonal guests sharing Christmas or New Year with us.  The lighted reindeer also form part of the ‘light show’ which sparkles through the copse conifers thanks to digital technology and LED lights.  Ho Ho Ho – is also a greeting of relief as we plug in and see them work!!  LED lighting is so much easier and reliable.  Far better than trying to find ONE faulty bulb in a trail of 250 and replacing it to make the other 249 work!!  You know what we mean?

No sooner are the lights and decorations up, than they seem to be coming down as we pass the shortest day and look to the new year. The nights will get shorter, the days longer and (in no time at all) it will soon be SUMMER!! Ho Ho Ho!  Bring it on.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, with the hope we may be greeting YOU personally in 2015!

(*Guest Newsletter – the answer to the picture clues are… Pic 1 = North Berwick Promenade character in bronze, Pic 2 = Stone Circle at Duddo, Pic 3 = Statue at entrance to the Harbour at Seahouses)