Clocking off

Oh, the joy of clocking off!  We all do it.  From school, from work or from any number of other activities, we all ‘clock off’.  The Composer and Mrs C clocked off in October to warm and sunny climes, with the distinct intention of clocking off from the daily routine and taking some R&R, TOGETHER!!

As many of our returning guests know, the chances of  seeing the ‘The Composer’ and Mrs C at Woodlands (at the same time) are remote.  Other business commitments often mean that the two are a bit like the old fashioned weather ‘house’. (If you are under 40 this will mean nothing, so skip the next bit!) The ‘house’ had 2 little wooden people, when one was in, the other was out showing good or poor weather determined by the one ‘out’.  Was it accurate? Was it heck!! But in the case of Composers, if one’s ‘in’ the other is usually ‘out’ -literally!

Guests have, metaphorically, clocked in and out of Composers throughout this year and with those guests come a fabulous array of younger guests.  Every year we say ‘what great young people we have welcomed’.  2014 was no exception and every year they seem to become more and more gregarious.

Apart from the delights of the Play Paddock, young guests also seem to have a happy knack of telling it ‘just how it is’ – visiting the Reception to relate tales of places visited, things done and adventures had,  giving their own unique young person’s trip advisor review!  Bold and forthright, they willingly clock in to everything and just as easily clock out if the event, attraction or place fails to reach their ‘pass level’.  How long will it be until Trip Advisor opens a Young Person Advisor Site and realises that 9-16 yr old have a very uncluttered and honest view of the world??

So having clocked off, the holiday is now over and the Composer and Mrs C are now 375 miles apart again and clocked on, once more. The Composer has one major clocking job to do.  Arriving back over the weekend of 26th October, The Composers is faced with clocks, timers and all manner of electronic gadgets in every Composer property which all need their clock changing. Around 7 items per property will keep the Composer busy.  In the Courtyard the new clock is regulated from some terrestrial planet and changes automatically – there is a lot to be said for that!

The Composer ends this blog as he continues preparing the 2015 lists of rates, events and special features here at ‘Composers at Woodlands’, so why not clock on and log into the next blog to see just what is in store for 2015? ‘Composer’, clocking off – bye!