September and the F word

September bows out with a host ‘F’ words. Festivals, Forecasts, Friends, Friendship and Fun. What else did you think The Composer meant?

September in Berwick has been seasoned with the annual Food Fair and clinking of glasses at the Beer Festival.  According to the local paper ‘record numbers have attended events’.  Not surprising when you consider that the other ‘F’ word – the Forecast – giving the North East a glowing weather prediction which, apart from 3 days of the dreaded fog off the sea, was spot on.  Wall to wall sunshine and the highest temperatures had guests of ‘Composers’ shedding coats and jumpers in favour of a much more mediterranean look.

The last festival of the month was the Film and Media Arts bash in the past week – if you have never seen a film in an Ice Room then come next year!  This unusual venue was once used to store ice for the incoming fish landed at Berwick – now with the fishing gone the Ice Room acts as the most unique and unusual venue for a film showing.

Friends have played a large part in the life of ‘Composers’ in September with guests returning for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 13th visit to our holiday accommodation!  Seems hard to believe but certain guests are nearing their 100th night stay at ‘Composers’ since we opened in April 2006.  Its 10 years this month since The Composer and Mrs C arrived in Berwick, so we decided to celebrate our 10th Anniversary here with some special rates during the month.  We made new friends as well. The power of the web site and internet has had guests queuing up to take advantage of the on-line offers and the continual comment has been “great place Northumberland, so much to see and do – we’ll be back”.  This ‘Secret Kingdom’ is gaining in popularity!!

The Composer has left out one issue this month which may have contained the odd F word.  Without raising patriotic flags or fervour or making any other comment, ‘Composers’ is delighted that we still have that special Friendship with those ‘over the border’ following the Scottish Referendum.  Our hospitality offer is all the richer for not having to show a passport to visit wonderful places just a few miles away from ourselves – long may our mutual respect and Friendship last!

So to the last F – the Fun!  Well, let’s face it with so much going on in and around Berwick and with new and returning guests to meet and greet and a raft of Festivals to indulge in, how could anyone not have fun?  The keyword for the coming month will not contain the ‘F’ word, but one thing is for certain, September will be a tough act to follow.  It really has been a FUN month.